2013 LG Pro Classic - Slot Horses Named

1 Danyelle Campbell Bad Az Fame
2 Joe & Dee Braman Miss JB 098
3 Danny Ray/Victory Farms CEO Kinda Beautiful
4 Danny Ray/Victory Farms I R A Grand Victory
5 Bo Hill Boogie Down Bug
6 Cindy Gayle & Courtney Cantrell Lonesum
7 Schiller Ranch Famous Wahini Moon
8 Stacy Graves Return Ta Neverland
9 Stephen/Kimi Nichols VF I Was Born Great
10 Sara Zaleski Got Caught Speedin
11 Angie Meadors Famous Falcon
12 Arbie & Betty Miller Another Bug Leo
13 Ryann Pedone Kiss Me Bill Compton
14 Jeannie Baldwin Fandango Frosty
15 Bobbie Pradon Streakin Ta Dash
16 Stephan & Lauren Boutin VF Lil Red Design
17 Rick Wilson Good To Be The King
18 5C Quarter Horses Willie B Firewater
19 Bridget Thomas BT Buddy Stinson
20 Jolene Montgomery Marthas Sixshooter
21 RSL Enterprises Story Tellen Daisy
22 Guy Peixoto Jr Rose Rare
23 Chris & Stephanie Duke Willys Famous Rocket
24 Dale Rankin Happy To Be Streakin
25 Dino Chouest Famous N Lucky
26 Stan Sigman Namgis D 15
27 Barbara Kelley Proud To Be Famous
28 Peggy Fenton Eye Speak French
29 Brad Leiblong Famous Tejretta
30 Kerstetter & Cyllins Frenchys Single Guy
31 Micheal Boone Angels On The Moon
32 Tricia Aldridge Cashin Doubles
33 Mike & Brenda Tuttle Aces Bug Leo
34 Mike & Liz Hays JJs Famous Valentine
35 Chris & Angie Jean Okey Dokey Corona
36 Ryann Pedone Confederate Bullet
37 Don Young Famous Princess
38 WB Ranch Evidence Of Arson
39 Doug Kerstetter MKS Twist Of Elvis
40 Reece & Hickman Beau Otoole
41 Shoppa Ranch Toast Ta Hollywood B
42 Shelley Sullivan Flitten To Fame
43 Jud Little Buggin Me Baby
44 Black Star Ranch VF Packin Upthe Creek
45 Danny Kingins VF Takin The Fame
46 Mission Ranch LLC Royal And Famous
47 Monica McClung Streakinflingindisco
48 Schiller Ranch Happy To Run Em
49 Dana Sumerall Pirate Ben
50 Jason & Leslie Willis Incendiary Ivory