2014 LG Pro Classic - Slot Horses Named

1 Dohrn/Graves LLP Streakin Moon
2 Namgis Quarte Horse, Stan Sigman Namgis D 33
3 Youree/Ward Barrel Horses, Renee Ward Namgis D 35
4 Mission Ranch, LLC - Matthews, Kim Born Ta Pack Fame
5 Mission Ranch, LLC - Matthews, Kim CJ Moon Dancer
6 Renee & James David Cain Rips Famous Fame
7 Jud Little Bugem Nicky
8 Jud Little Dialin A Dynasty
9 Merrill O'Neal & Noel Daniels
10 KC Quarter Horses
Streakin Images
11 Dennis Mhire Go Sweet Eddie
12 Cody Bauserman Promise Me A Wagon
13 Lacey Donegan Do You Know Who I Am
14 Matt & Bendi Dunn
Dashin Czar
15 JB Barrel Horses Reds FlyinbyU
16 Steel Gang Quarter Horses Gaga On Firewater
17 Black Star Ranch Bully Ta Fame
18 Schiller Ranch VVR Corona Dash
19 Latricia Duke Racin For Fortunes
20 Victory Farm, Danny Ray VF Call Me Freddie
21 Victory Farm, Danny Ray VF Born Ta Be Easy
22 James Rankin Streakin Easily
23 Shelly Sullivan Betcha Wish U Stayed
24 Bill Kennedy Woodys Lil Diamond
25 Victory Farms VF She Is Famous
26 Destri Devenport VF A Golden Duck
27 Kassie Mowry Firewatermakemehappy
28 Cristi Copsey-Gaffney Go Go Fame
29 Dana Summeral VF Freddie Payday
30 Harry & Vivian Blackwell Famousfirewater Anny
31 David Eastwood PLS Tell It Like It Is
32 Mike & Janet Dahlen Red Carpet Zoom
33 Arbie & Betty Miller Tee J Jackie Bug
34 Jeannie Baldwin Spit Curl Lena
35 Dave Zabel VF Natuarlly Famous
36 Danny Kingins BS Shining Freddie
37 Chris & Angie Jean Fantasias Famous Guy
38 Michael Boone Cashin In On Fame
39 RSL Enterprises VF A Famous Lady
40 RSL Enterprises VF Streakin Freddie
41 Bobbi Pradden Gowin Ta Be Famous
42 Nicole Turturro Shez A Mazie James
43 Brittany Pozzi Kisskiss Bangbang
44 Scott Andrews Fame On The bottom
45 Scott Andrews VF Takin On The Fame
46 Michelle Hicks Red Hot N Salty
47 Larry Coats Firewater Hooch
48 Todd Holder Bloodymaryinatincan
49 Tiany Schuster Spy Guy
50 Kimi Nichols KN My Mamas Famous 2
51 Tom Wiley WB Toole Ta Fame
52 Talmadge Green Me Me And Me
53 Talmadge Green I Am A Gold Mine
54 Don Young - Marne Runaway With Miss
55 Boltinghouse - Squires The Red Dasher
56 Chris Martin Dancinroundtheworld
57 Jason Willis Gimme Damoney
58 Mike & Janelle Green Sixteeny Coronas
59 Joe Trenton Famous Kickin Jo
60 Monica McClung Streakin Disco